Top 7 Homeopathic Treatments for Calcaneal Spur & Heel Pain to Reduce Heel Spurs



Not only can heel pain limit movement but general discomfort while walking or standing impacts a person’s attitude. Calcaneal Spur/heel spur, a medical issue, is the likely cause of the discomfort. It describes a protrusion on the calcaneal bone, located in the heel, that is sharp, pointed, and horny. Pain in the heel area around the Spur is the primary symptom of a calcaneal spur.


Homeopathic Treatment


Calcaneal Spur can be effectively and safely treated using homeopathic remedies. The natural ingredients used in the homeopathic treatments for Calcaneal Spur have no negative effects. They are extremely effective at treating the illness. Homeopathic medications, which are risk-free to use, aid in alleviating the pain in heels caused by the Spur and dissolving the Spur, offering a complete cure for calcaneal spurs.


Top Homeopathic Medicines for Calcaneal Spur

Calcarea Fluor, Aranea Diadema, Ruta, Rhus Tox are the top remedies for Calcaneal Spur.


  1. Calcarea Fluor – Best Medicine For Dissolving Calcaneal Spur


Calcarea Fluor is the most effective homeopathic treatment for heel spurs, even though there are others. The most effective natural remedy for curing a calcaneal spur is it. No matter how painful the calcaneal Spur is, this therapy is beneficial. The finest treatment for calcaneal Spur, calerea fluor, is the first treatment option in any case of calcaneal Spur. This medication can dissolve spurs in any bone in the body, not just the heel bone. Additionally, other bone outgrowths that frequently develop following an injury are suggested by this medication.

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  1. Aranea Diadema – For Heel Spur With Boring Pain In Heel


The second-best treatment for calcaneal Spur is Aranea demema. The finest results from this treatment are for the relief of boring and digging heel pain. Moving the feet initially aggravates the discomfort, but prolonged movement eventually brings relief. Alternating between the pain and numbness in the heel is possible. Extreme sensitivity to chilly air is another potential symptom.

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  1. Ruta – For Heel Spur Formed After Stressed Ligaments, Muscles And Tendons

Ruta is effective when bone spurs develop due to recurrent stress to ligaments, muscles, and tendons. Sharp heel discomfort is the main symptom. The Achilles tendon is affected by the heel’s pain. The Achilles tendon, also known as Tendo Achilles, is the tendon that runs from the calf muscle in the back of the leg to the heels. Ruta is the best treatment for those with Calcaneal Spur-related heel pain that extends to Tendo Achilles pain.

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  1. Rhus Tox – For Heel Pain On Stepping (Putting Pressure On Feet To Begin walking)

Rhus tox is the best natural treatment for heel pain experienced when walking. Standing makes it worse. Rhus Tox is the best treatment if you get heel discomfort when standing up in the morning. The person who needs it feels like they are treading on a pin with the initial step, but the agony lessens as they keep walking. Rhus Tox also aids in mending the ligaments and muscles surrounding the heel bone, preventing additional injury to the heel.


The Spur is also dissolved by it. Rhus Tox thus works in three areas for Calcaneal Spur patients: pain reduction, muscle or ligament strengthening, and spur dissolution. Most frequently, a person who has discomfort upon standing may describe it as stitching. The pain may be comparable to that brought on by a splint. Another phrase that might be used is acute agony as if a nail were under the skin.

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  1. Ammonium Mur — For Pain In Heel On Walking

Calcaneal Spur can benefit greatly from ammonium mur, a natural remedy. This cure is beneficial when walking causes heel pain from a calcaneal spur. Ammonium Mur aids in both spur dissolution and pain reduction. Along with specific walking-related discomfort intensifying, the person additionally complains of morning heel pain. Some people who use ammonium mur may find comfort from mild heel massage. The discomfort could have an ulcerative, ripping, or stitching quality.

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  1. Aurum Met – For Calcaneal Spur, Which Causes Pain At Night

Natural medication Aurum Met is the best treatment for Calcaneal Spur-related nighttime heel discomfort. It is a highly suitable and effective homeopathic remedy to eliminate nighttime heel discomfort brought on by the Spur.

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  1. Mezereum – For Calcaneal Spur That Hurts By Touching

The natural drug Mezereum is the best treatment for people complaining of pain in the heel spur when touched. Mezereum is quite effective in relieving heel spur pain that gets worse with touch. The patient can become more sensitive to the cold.

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  1. Pulsatilla – For Heel Pain Like From Pricking From An Iron Nail

This natural remedy works nicely when someone experiences heel discomfort similar to that of being pricked by an iron nail. It is impossible to walk barefoot. Walking makes the ache in the heels worse. In the evening, heel discomfort frequently gets worse.

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Measures To Prevent Heel Spurs

  1. Select soft surfaces to run or jog rather than hard surface


  1. Wear properly fitted shoes that support heels well


  1. Avoid wearing high-heeled shoes as much as possible


  1. Try to lose weight if obese to reduce the pressure on the foot


  1. If possible, avoid standing for long periods



*Though homeopathy medicines have no side effects, it is still important to consult a physician before you use them. This is because the remedies may interact with other medications or supplements you’re taking.


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