Life Style Disease in The View Of Homoeopathy
life style disease in the view of homoeopathy



Abstract —

one of the; Sane on the struggle of modernManoharan world is the management of the so-called lifestyle disease, which |has become a burden for the whole world, Identifying the cause of each and every |life style disease and its modification along with proper medication will help us to tackle this problem to a great extent.



India had witnessed a rapid change in the health scenario for the past decades. The most common prevailing disease now a day is a lifestyle disease. The root cause of lifestyle disease is the poor lifestyle habits of people, taking diet which lacks the adequate quality of nutrients, consumption of Jung foods, and lack of physical activity. One of the other parameters that make a person fall under the category of lifestyle disease is the changing value of laboratory parameters, which itself is evident from the past findings. Lifestyle disease is a sprawling issue not only in India but across the world. It is not only a health issue for the public it also creates many medical and clinical care problems.’Lifestyle disease is simply defined as the disease which developed in response to the way they live their life. The most common lifestyle disease in the world is hypertension, type 2 diabetes, cancer, asthma, arthritis, chronic liver disease, Alzheimer’s disease, chronic kidney disease, stroke, depression, obesity, metabolic syndrome, and vascular dementia.”

It has been mentioned that one hall of death in India is mainly due to this lifestyle disease. “The study conducted by WHO had concluded that the cause of50% of death of the individual is mainly due to lifestyle disease.”‘The term lifestyle was coined by Alferedadler in his book ‘way or style of living’ in1929. “It was found in the recent study that NCD and lifestyle disease will be the major cause of death worldwide by 2030. “In the present world one-third of the population is inactive, which accounts for major health problems.”An_ InterdisciplinaryIntervention should be followed in the management of lifestyle disease, along with homeopathic treatment. The contribution of dieticians, psychologists, and yoga therapists is also very much valuable.”

Causes Of Life Style Diseases-

The foremost cause in the development of lifestyle diseases is the inappropriate relationship of each and every person with their environment. In the modern world, people are getting everything they wanted on their table themselves. with all the gadgets available to us life becomes sedentary. The overconsumption and dependence on Jung food and processed food are some of the major causes of the development of these sorts of diseases.

Physical activity has an inverse relationship in the development of lifestyle diseases. Even when we are —observing children, they are spending —more time in front of the television and |playing video games, their physical $activity is much reduced. A recent study conducted shows that children who are having a sedentary lifestyle have: risk of being affected by pain. “This 1situation of physical inactivity occurs in the workplace also. People are sitting hours and hours together doing. sedentary work.

Another cause of lifestyle disease is. substance abuse, the overconsumption of alcohol and tobacco also plays a crucial role in the formation of the called lifestyle disease. Stress and poor sleeping patterns in daily life have also done their contributed to the development of lifestyle diseases. The mental stress that on experienced in the family workplace and society also has done its role toward the development of the lifestyle disease.

Nowadays the life span of persons are also increasing as compared to that in the past decades, this also has a great influence on the rise in life style disease. Physical inactivity along with sedentarism have a very high prevalence at the global level, which is associated with a massive array of chronic diseases and premature deaths.

The growth of the Indian economy, modernization, urbanization, and copying the western culture had changed the lifestyle in India. The transition to a modern lifestyle with the consumption of Jungfoods, a diet with rich fat, high-level of mental stress and physical inactivity all pave the role of developing lifestyle disease.” Lifestyle disease comes under Z category of ICD 10. under Z72, Z73, Z55 -65,”

Management And Prevention Of LifStyle _Disease-

The responsibility of managing the lifestyle disease lies in the hands of each and every person itself. ‘These called diseases come to existence because of our error in the lifestyle. Once the error is corrected, it will automatically lead to the reduction and removal of this disease, Proper exercise by all will help in tackling the problem to a great extent. It should be practiced by all starting from children to the senior citizens of our nation. A regular particle of Yoga will help us in benefiting a lot. Especially doing the practice of suryanamaskar has a great role in strengthening our immune system.  Managing hypertension is possible by Simply reducing the intake of salt in the diet.y And diabetes by lowering the sugar consumption in the diet, Liver diseases can be controlled by avoiding alcohol from life. The problem of stress can beS1managed by proper breathing techniques, walking, spending time with family and loved ones. Avoid the use of cigarettes. can have an inverse role in developing the* risk of stroke. As the great proverb says’

Prevention Is Better Than Cure’ the first and foremost thing in the management of lifestyle disease is the prevention itself. Lifestyle factors have played an important role in positively modifying psychiatric and medical conditions and the mortality and morbidity associated with them.

Hahnemannian Concept Of LifestyleDisease-

Master Samuel Hahnemann was a great genius the medicinal history has ever seen, He has a clear concept of lifestyle disease and its prevention, In his book ‘the friend of health ‘ he had mentioned the usage of fresh air, proper diet, bed rest, and sanitation even before 200 years.

In the case of the lifestyle disease, once we identify the cause of each and every disease they are removed this ultimately to the removal of life that was mentioned by master Hahnemann in 4 of organon o medicine. Master had mentioned the importance of disease in chronic disease as the fundamental cause. The occupation of the patient, his mode of living, and his domestic and social relation also influence the production of disease.

Lifestyle disease was mentioned in§ 77 of organon of medicine, as they are caused by avoidable noxious influences, a habit of using liquors, abstinence from things that are necessary for life, due to lack of exercise or open-air, overexertion of body and mind.'”Master Hahnemannalso mentioned the diet and regimen to be followed for the treatment of disease in § 259 to 263. And in chronic disease as. The persons taking sedentary work are advised to walk in the open air for some time. Innocent amusements like dancing are allowed. The music must be harmless. To stop the habit of taking alcohol and other beverages.’’Only after the proper selection and administration of simimlimum incorrect potency and proper dosage will lead to the cure of the disease.

In some cases in which we cannot go for such a situation, directly going to pathological perception is also really helpful.


Urine — Sugar- Acet-ac.alf.all-s. alumn.Ars-br.-Ferr-m. HELON.PH-AC. Phlor.PHOS.Pic-ac. PLB.SYZYG.tarax.TARENT.TER.URAN-N.

Generals — Hypotension-acetan.thymol. thyr, toxo-g, tub-d. v-a-b. vario, verat. verat-v. visc.

Generals — Hyperlipidemia-chion

Generals – Alzheimer’s Disease- alum.
cordyc. hell. nux-m,some rubrics for lifestyle disease

Young People -Obesity:- Ant-c., CALC.BOYS Tobacco, complaints from- Arg-n.MEN Addicted to drinking and sexual excesses, with a disposition to gout and hemorrhoids, apoplexy:- Sep, Obesity (constipation, delaying menses)-GRAPH., Young people, Occupation,
SedentaryConstipation :- NUX-V., Podo.


The prevention of the so-called disease mainly depends upon the effort of each and every individual. tackle this problem. After proper case taking selection of a suitable homeopathic constitutional remedy, helps in solving this problem to a great extent. They should give much importance to their diet, which should be adequate and nutritious, rather than satisfying the taste centers. The physical exercises should be made as a routine habit of everyone, starting from the children to the older people. Each and every person must be provided with adequate time to rest and relax, which ultimately depends on one fact that life without and disease is an actual, blessing rather than money, power, and position.
The key role in treating lifestyle disease is the early identification of the disease, preventing the disease, and managing the disease. |”For a healthy elder population the most important thing is the correction of lifestyle disease, thereby it helps in preventing bed-ridden patients and promoting a healthy life span.” Lifestyle disease management is should be considered as an area for homeopathic research in the future, so as to gain the maximum effectiveness in the/therapeutic action of such disease with homeopathy.


SOURCE: New Life Era

The article was written by: Dr.Amrutha Manoharan

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