Homeopathy Remedy for chicken pox



Essential Treatments

Antimonium tartaricum

This therapy may be recommended when eruptions are severe and take a long time to appear. The kid has a white-coated tongue, is sweaty and agitated, and could even feel nauseated. Antimonium tart is probably the proper treatment if chest congestion with a rattling cough or a bubbly sound when breathing develops.




When ill, a youngster that needs this cure is frequently lovely and emotional and needs lots of soothing. Itching and other discomforts are made worse by heat and stuffy environments and are relieved by cool, fresh air. Even when they have a fever, they seldom ever feel thirsty.




This therapy may relieve a person who can’t stop scratching because of extreme itching or if eruptions hurt in a nagging, burning way. Warmth exacerbates the symptoms (and the person), and washing aggravates them further. Fever causes both chills and heat to be experienced. The individual can experience midday drowsiness and evening restlessness and heat.


Urtica urens


This treatment may help with stinging, burning, and itchy eruptions. Exertion and overheating exacerbate the symptoms.


Other Treatments

Antimonium crudum

A youngster that needs this cure is typically agitated and may be sensitive to touch or attention. Touching the breakouts may cause shooting sensations since they are painful.


Apis mellifica


The skin around the eruptions is pink and swollen, extremely itchy, and painfully stinging when this therapy is advised. Additionally, the eyelids could swell. Heat makes them feel worse, become agitated, and typically aren’t thirsty.




This treatment is recommended for children who are hot and feverish, have flushed red skin, and have light-sensitive eyes. There may be a throbbing headache and either drowsiness or restlessness. Typically, the rash is red and itchy with a throbbing sensation.




This treatment may be helpful if a fever during chicken pox lasts many days and a dry, bothersome cough appears. The person has a dry mouth and needs long, cold sips. The person could be highly irritable, feel worse after moving, and detest being interrupted.

Mercurius solubilis


If eruptions are massive and infected, this therapy might be suggested. The youngster feels worse at night and is quite sensitive to temperature fluctuations. Vital signs for Mercurius include sweating and drooling when sleeping, enlarged lymph nodes, and foul breath.


Rhus Toxicodendron


When a person has chicken pox, this cure can help with the severe itching that is made worse by scratching and reduced by taking warm baths or applying heat. Both physically and cognitively restless, the child may be. The eyes could get swollen and sticky. Warm and gentle movements can also ease aching and stiff muscles. (Some homeopathic doctors advise using Rhus tox to assist avoid infection in those exposed to chicken pox.)





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