Homeopathic Remedies For Period Pain
Homeopathic Remedies For Period Pain



Do your period cause severe pain in your stomach, back, thighs, and legs? Dysmenorrhea is the medical term for these discomfort symptoms.

All of these indicators are so prevalent and predictable that every girl considers them to be normal. When the cramps and agony are intense, though, you cannot avoid or dismiss them.
So, if you’re experiencing the usual period of discomfort, you should seek treatment.
Period discomfort and cramping affect 50 per cent to 70 per cent of all women at some point during their lives.
Do terrible cramps make you dread your monthly cycle? Each month, a woman’s uterus must shed its lining, which necessitates uterine contractions. Blood arteries supplying the uterus become constricted as the uterus contracts, decreasing blood flow – sometimes painfully. The chemical changes that cause menstruation may be more pronounced in certain women, causing the uterus to contract even more forcefully and painfully.
Homoeopathy, fortunately, can assist.

So, say goodbye to pain relievers and instead take the correct meds under the guidance of skilled homoeopathy and receive period pain treatment with the most trusted homoeopathic remedies.

1. Belladonna– It helps when there are cramps or labour pains, a feeling that the pelvic organs are about to come out, or a tension in the genitals or abdomen.
The cramps become critical from contact when there are sharp times of pulsating agony with a sharp opening. The stings are unpleasant and come and go quickly; the discharge is foul and contains clots.
Painful menstruation is excruciatingly unpleasant; the vagina is burning, and dry, and the cramps strike deep into the pelvis.

2. Cactus grandifolia is a type of cactus that grows in a The person in need of this homoeopathic medicine has excruciatingly painful cramps that feel like a tight, clutching band across the abdomen.
You may even cry out in pain in some circumstances. The flow is usually clogged, with each clot causing agony.
A throbbing discomfort near the ovary is also possible.

3. Chamomilla– When you’re irritated, pointing out someone else’s error, or snapping over little concerns, Chamomilla can help.
Anger makes the pain worse, and warmth makes it better; the patient frequently yells out in pain.

4. Nux Vomica is a plant that causes vomiting.The characteristic Nux vomica picture is irritable, impatient, quickly offended, and frigid in someone who needs this homoeopathic medicine (this last point being perhaps more pronounced with the pain).
The cramping can sometimes cover the entire body, and they may also feel a strong desire to urinate with each severe cramp.

5. Magnesia phos-Mag Phos is the only homoeopathic remedy that has demonstrated clinical reliability in the treatment of period discomfort. Females choose this drug for cramp relief, alleviation from heat, and pain intensification in the uterus when leaning forward.

Always keep in mind that the key to selecting the correct/beneficial remedy is the same. The “characteristic symptoms” (i.e., uncommon or peculiar) must be matched with the specific symptoms being addressed. You should always have a positive ending if you choose a cure that has qualities that are most similar to the characteristic symptoms that have appeared.
The following is a list of the most commonly prescribed homoeopathic medicines for menstruation cramps.

Menso Aid Syrup

Menso Aid Syrup

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Helpful for functional female disorders, it regulates menstrual flow, relieves colic, white discharge, lack of sexual desire, contraction and tenderness of vagina, general weakness & provides immunity against Genital Tract Infections.
It is beneficial for treating as well as helpful in functional female disorders
It regulates menstrual flow, treats colic and leucorrhoea
Treats lack of sexual desire, contraction and tenderness of vagina
Helps to reduce the general weakness & provides immunity against Genital Tract Infections

Fem Aid Tonic

Fem Aid Tonic


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Tones up the female Reproductive System and relieves Gynaecological disorders. Regulates menstrual rhythm and normal functioning of the uterus. It is highly efficacious in bleeding disorders and may be seen in conditions like Ovarian cysts, climacteric phase, menarche.
Helps in reducing the cramps and pelvic pain with menstruation
Treats common causes such as heavy flow, passing clots, uterine fibroids or endometriosis
It restores menses when suppressed, removes painful sensations resulting from the suppression
Useful in reducing the white vaginal discharge
Reduces and relaxes the muscles due to painful menses with pains flying to other parts of the body

Mensoral Syrup

Mensoral SyrupBuy Now

Mensoral is a tonic oriented towards restoration of disturbed mensturation cycle. Mensorite very effectively regulates the menstural cycle having stimulating effects on female organs.
Helps to regulate tardy and delayed menses.
Functional Amenorrhea in young girls with backache
Painful and irregular menstruation

Mensorite Syrup


  • Helps to regulate tardy and delayed menses.
  • Functional Amenorrhea in young girls with backache
  • Painful and irregular menstruation


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