Glonoinum – Homeopathic Medicine
Glonoinum – Homeopathic



Homoeopathic treatment Glonoinum is made from nitroglycerine, which is a chemically inert substance in its natural condition. It is changed into a highly valuable homoeopathic medicine after being potentized (a technique of manufacturing homoeopathic medicines that arouses therapeutic characteristics in a crude substance). It is a regularly prescribed homoeopathic remedy for throbbing, bursting, congestive, and solar headaches.

The Constitution of ‘Glonoinum’

This drug is best for nervous persons and ladies who are sensitive. People who require it are fatigued, have little desire to work, are irritated, and are prone to congestive headaches.

Clinical Significance

Eye pain, eye floaters, photophobia, earache, meniere’s disease, noises in ears, trigeminal neuralgia, facial pain, facial flushing, heart disorders, angina pectoris, high blood pressure, palpitations, suppressed menses, hot flushes, stroke, eye pain, eye floaters, photophobia, earache, meniere’s disease, noises in ears, trigeminal neuralgia, facial pain, facial flushing

Action of the Drug

This medicine’s most important action is on the brain and heart, where it relieves symptoms caused by abrupt congestion and blood rush to the head and heart. It also works well on the eyes, ears, face, and female genitals.

Scope as a Homeopathic Remedy

Head (headache)

It has a strong effect on the head, where it works wonders for headache relief. It is one of the most effective treatments for throbbing, exploding, congestive headaches. The head is extremely congested, and blood is rushing to the brain. With this, heat is felt in the head, and the face appears red. When you have a headache, your eyes may feel protruded. The throbbing in the temples of the head is the most acute (means sides of head between forehead and ear). Pain can cause nausea and vomiting. Walking, shaking, and stooping aggravate the headache. Sleep gives the sufferer relief from a headache. The headache may also improve while you’re out in the fresh air or when you’re under strain. There is a sensation of the head expanding.

The head is noticeably heavy. A shock-like sensation in the head can be felt in tandem with a pulse.
It has showed significant therapeutic improvements in situations of sun-induced headaches. Sun headache (headache that grows and diminishes with exposure to the sun) is an unusual ailment for which this cure should be used.
Following that, it’s used to treat a headache caused by high blood pressure, as well as a flushed face and palpitations.
It can also be used to treat pain that starts at the rear of the head (occiput) or at the base of the brain and spreads to the eye and temple region.

Another feature to consider is headaches that occur during the menstrual cycle (before, during or after menses). Its use is also suggested in homoeopathic medicines for cases where a stroke is suspected (a medical emergency in which reduced or interrupted blood supply to the brain causes death of brain cells). Then it’s used to treat pain in the forehead over the eyes that gets worse when you use your eyes or do any mind-related job.

Features that are important for indicating

Congestive headache with throbbing and bursting.
Sun headache that becomes worse and better as the sun goes down.
High blood pressure headache with flushed cheeks and palpitations
Menstrual cramps cause a headache (before, during or after menses)

heart (heart pain, angina pectoris, high blood pressure)
Glonoinum has a strong effect on the heart. It is an important medication for the treatment of high blood pressure (hypertension).
It’s also used to treat angina pectoris and heart pain (heart pain from reduced blood supply to the heart). Heart ache that radiates to the back and between the shoulders is a sign that it’s needed. A notable aspect to use it is heart ache caused by stooping. Fullness, heaviness, heat, and pressure are felt in the heart region. There may be heart palpitations as well as breathing difficulties. There may be pulsating headaches in the forehead and between the temples as a result of this. The face is hot and the pulse rate is elevated.

Key indicating features

High blood pressure
Heart pain radiating to back and in between shoulders
Heart pain from stooping
Palpitations with difficult breathing

Women’s issues (hot flushes, menopausal complaints, headache)
This medication is well-suited to the treatment of specific feminine issues. It is preferred for the treatment of various menopausal symptoms. The first sign is hot flushes, which occur on a daily basis during menopause. The next symptom of menopause is headache and pressure in the head. It is also used to treat nausea and vertigo associated with menopause. This treatment is also used to treat headaches associated with menstruation. Headaches can occur before, during, or after menstruation. It also helps with discomfort, congestion, and fullness of the head when menses are absent or suppressed. The pain is throbbing or tearing in character, and it may be accompanied by redness in the cheeks and eyes. If you get a headache after having a lot of menses, this drug can help you. Finally, this medication can help with lower back pain caused by menstruation.

Features that are important for indicating

During menopause, you may have hot flashes, headaches, nausea, and vertigo.
Menstrual headaches can occur before, during, or after menses, as well as from repressed menses.
After a lot of menses, you have a headache.

the eyes (pain, floaters)
This medication also has an effect on the eyes and can be used to treat eye pain. The pain can be hurting, bursting, or drawing in nature when using it. There may be stitching, acute pain, or soreness in the eyes. The heat in the eyeballs and lids is palpable. Eye floaters with black patches in front of the eyes are a second crucial signal for its use. It also works effectively when there are sparks or light flashes in front of the eyes. Other than that, it’s useful for treating photophobia (sensitive to bright light), vertigo-induced visual loss, and supraorbital neuralgia (pain above the eyes).

Features that are important for indicating

Eyes that ache, rupture, or draw anguish
Floaters in the eyes with black spots, sparks, and light flashes before the eyes

Noises, pain, and meniere’s disease are all symptoms of a problem with the ears.
This drug can be used to effectively manage ringing, cracking noises in the ears (tinnitus). There is a fullness in the ears as a result of this. It is effective in treating throbbing ear ache. Hearing loss is a possibility. It is an effective treatment for patients of meniere’s illness (an inner ear disorder with symptoms like hearing loss and vertigo).

Features that are important for indicating

In the ears, there are ringing and cracking noises.
Meniere’s illness causes a throbbing discomfort in the ear.

Face to face (trigeminal neuralgia, pain in face)
Trigeminal neuralgia (severe electric shock like facial pain from pressure over the trigeminal nerve or due to its injury) of the left side of the face can be managed with this medicine. It can also be used to treat facial pain that is accompanied with twitching of the facial muscles. The next symptom is discomfort emanating from the decaying tooth in the temple. This medication can help with facial flushing, redness, and heat.

Features that are important for indicating

Trigeminal neuralgia on the left side
Face ache accompanied by facial muscle twitching
Heat, flushing, and redness of the face


Worsening variables include exposure to the sun, hot weather, shaking, and motion, as well as menstrual irregularities.

Factors that ease problems: sleeping still in the open air relieves complaints.

Dosage of Glonoinum

From low to high potencies, this drug can be utilised. It is a short-acting drug with a one-day duration of action. In low potencies, it can be repeated frequently, but in high potencies, it is not recommended.




Glonoinum is used for treatment of various ailments related to head, eyes and heart. It is an effective remedy for treating headaches accompanied by throbbing and pulsating sensation in the head. Throbbing heartbeat with bouts of fainting on exertion can also be treated using this remedy.

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