Adel Products: Uses

Adel Product Uses

ADEL 1 Apo-Dolor Drop Buy Now ADEL-1(apo-DOLOR) drops are highly effective against migraines and headaches caused by nervous tension, an emotional condition, or internal regulation dysfunction, including stomach and intestinal dysbiosis. This remedy also helps relieve joint and muscle pain, particularly in the neck, lumbar region and in the body and legs. The Adel 1 […]


ADELMAR PHARMA GmbH ADELMAR PHARMA GmbH, Forst, Germany has joined hands with PEKANA NATURHEILMITTEL GmbH of Kisslegg, Germany( and MADAUS GmbH of Cologne, Germany to manufacture and distribute of homeopathic medicines that meet the highest international standards set in the pharmaceutical industry. Their comprehensive line of highly effective remedies has been developed to help practitioners […]