Bach flowers mix 18: Exam stress
Bach Flower Mix 18



Bach flowers mix 18 can help you to:

* Stay cool and relaxed throughout tests

* Don’t lose courage if an exam doesn’t go well

* Believe in yourself

* Stop being worried and fretting.

* During tests, get rid of your irritants

* By bringing inner serenity to your sleep, you’ll be able to sleep well.

How many bottles are you going to need?

One bottle will last around one month.
After a few days or weeks, the first results will appear. * In my experience, a three-month period is recommended for long-term outcomes.


6 x 4 drops per day, immediately on the tongue or dissolved in water is the recommended dosage.
Tip: Put 24 drops of your daily dose in a bottle of water and sip it throughout the day.
In relation to this combination
Dr. Bach’s directions were followed to the letter.
It is ready to use.
Bach flower mixture is one of a kind.
Water, alcohol, and Bach flower extracts are free of gluten and allergens.

When you’re stressed about exams, Bach flower essences can help:


Some people have nightmares about their approaching tests every night. Exams can produce so much worry that it’s difficult to put them out of your thoughts. Constant worrying and pondering drain you and make it difficult to concentrate. Bach flower essences can help you quiet your mind and concentrate on your studies. This will help you obtain a good night’s sleep and stop feeling tired.

The fear of failing

During exams, the greatest cause of anxiety is the fear of failure. Many people believe they can’t do it or aren’t smart enough, so they give up ahead of time. Bach flower essences help you regain your confidence and self-esteem.


During the exam period, peace and tranquillity are essential. Nervousness makes it more difficult to concentrate and learn the material. Bach flower essences might help you achieve this serenity and tranquilly.


During test time, most students are irritable and sensitive. This is due to the anxiety and stress brought on by the exams. Because Bach flower essences relieve stress and promote tranquilly, they will be less irritated towards others.

I’ve lost my courage.

A terrible exam can have a significant impact on a person’s mood. They don’t want to continue since they believe they will fail anyhow. Bach flower essences might help to improve your spirits and keep you going.

For students, this may be a very stressful time of year. When you’re furiously studying and revising, it’s easy to forget about yourself, and a  wonderful the Bach Flower Remedies are for supporting you through all of those anxious sensations as you fight your way to the finish line.

Some flower remedies that may be useful are:

Agrimony: If you’re restless at night with racing thoughts, this is the medicine for you. It’s also the remedy if you’re the type of person who drinks too much or takes drugs to numb the feelings and flee when you’re stressed.
Cerato is the solution for someone who doubts their own judgment or even distrusts their own convictions or abilities. Useful in an exam if you have doubts about your knowledge despite knowing you have prepared well. This could also be beneficial if you find yourself seeking too much advice and confirmation from others.
If you have significant exam anxiety, Cherry Plum is the drink for you! It helps you back to sanity and delivers calm, quiet bravery when you’re nearing hysterics before an exam.
Elm: for when you’re suddenly overwhelmed by the enormity of your responsibilities. If your university acceptance is contingent on your A-level results, or if you’re nearing the end of your third year at university, this could be a viable option.
Larch: Take this if you’re lacking in self-assurance; it’s especially helpful before exams. Keeps you feeling capable rather than afraid.
Mimulus: The antidote to fear of the unknown — it instills quiet courage in the face of adversity.
Oak: If you’re fatigued and overworked, this is the herb for you. When you’re feeling down, it can give you a boost.
Oak: For when you’re dragging your feet due to exhaustion and overwork. When you’re under a lot of stress, it gives you strength.
Pine: Are you very concerned about your studies? Pine is a fantastic treatment for people who are never satisfied with their accomplishments and who overwork themselves.

If you’re pushing yourself too hard and getting stress headaches, try vervain for tenseness/hyper anxiety.

White chestnut: if your mind is constantly racing with thoughts, particularly at night, causing sleep problems before tests.

I wish you all the best of luck, remember to take a break to breathe and relax.

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